Friday, October 31, 2008

Bloggin: I guess it does not have to take more than five minutes, I see that many people are interested in what someone they care about has to say, even if that person thinks it's not interesting, and I have neglected it. I was reading through some old e-mails today, mostly responses to things I wrote while in Thailand, and people were interested. Now I may not be in a foreign country (though Georgia can feel very foreign at times), but I certainly have monumental things happening. Marriage, living with a boy, searching relentlessly for a job, tutoring a girl from Liberia who has trouble focusing in math, and experiencing the south. Surely I can spare five minutes every day to record some thoughts! Here are the thoughts for today, and they are BLEAK.

No way in hell am I stading in line for 3-5 hours to vote for candidates that I don't like or respect, and if I were to vote the way I'd like to vote, independantly, it would make ZERO impact anyhow. Nobody votes for the third party in this close of a race, but it's not really that close of a race. One is ahead in every battleground state and significantly ahead in states where the most educated are, sorry Alabama. So much for third party politics.

It's Halloween, a girl dressed as a Coca Cola (fitting for ATL) can just walked out the door and I saw a bunch a grapes walking down the street. Probably my number two favortie holiday becuase people's creativity shines and there is an air of goofiness; so much more fun. I'd love to go out dressed as something outrageous, but my date is at work.