Wednesday, January 16, 2008

i'm becoming a girl! two weekends in a row, i have met with a girlfriend to do some shopping and have a meal. both are most enjoyable and excellent shopping buddies; giving the right advice and discouraging a purchase when needed. Dolly and i have excellent conversation about a great many things and laugh at the plight of life. she has educated me on the history of her culture and i hope she has found in me a person who is truly interested. Marni and i also have excellent conversation and laughter again at the plight of life. we do spend many minutes hopelessly trying to understand others. i will be sad to be distanced in geography from these two. they have taught me an important lesson; be less picky. neither of them would ever go hiking or camping with me, but Dolly and i have played volleyball and Marni and her family snowboard. all interests don't have to be the same, just enough to keep the conversation flowing and to have a few laughs. yes it's fun to have somebody to do things with, but there are different people with which to do those things. i think, with friends, at the end of the day, it's not about doing things, it's the conversation. finding common ground, an understanding, the empathy that an everlasting friend provides. i have found this to be a rare. in fact, thus far i believe i have found it once, nay twice. i am working on three through six. it will be effort to keep up on five and six as the distance grows, but it is worth the effort. this has turned into something a lot more philosophical and sappy then how i have had fun shopping! i guess the major point is that in spite of the horror that is the workplace, good has come out of it.