Thursday, December 13, 2007

winter in the city that never wakes; the wind howls through the cracked window left open in hopes of replenishing a room devoid of moisture. on the walk to work the wind penetrates layers as localized cyclones swirl trash and forlorn leaves into dizziness. on the pitch black walk home the wind's fierce bite nips at my heels. faces are a picture of chill and detachment. dark drab pea coats shield tired tower troops returning to their inverted trenches; another day defending the battlements. expressions depict lackluster and disinterest in the cold. as suburbanites hasten to their warmed desks and their brewed coffee, i wonder what has happened to colour and smile. as the ground freezes, so do the people. faces frozen into displeased expressions; the brightness of the summer lost in trendy acceptable hues.