Thursday, January 11, 2007
well, according to Mark, I am 'bad' at this updating thing, though not as 'bad' as Scott. yipee. it simply seems that my life is boring, why would anybody want to read about it?!

Alas I am wrong, and things at the moment are not terribly boring. I am currently at Sandy and Mark's 'you need a place to stay? we got beds!' Inn. Thanks to them for being helpful when we are in need. Anyhow I am here in order to have an official interview (scary) at a company in Northbrook, near Evanston, that does cross cultural training for people who move overseas. It just so happens that Sandy did some training with this company when they made the move to Singapore and found it pricelessly helpful. I am interviewing for a position as 'Administrative Assistant' to the sales team (five people), the marketing team (one person), and the Senior Vice President. I would do lots of presentation prep for the sales team, research and data analysis for the marketing person, and day to day needs for the SVP. I am super excited about the positino and the company because I think it's a great fit for me, my background, and my desire to get started in the industry. I would learn loads and loads about a billion different things. So that's tomorrow. We have the celebratory beers all picked out. Firday I am meeting with an HR person at a Target store just to chat about the HR field. And the store is in Evanston, a suggested place to live. So perhaps I'll have a little look see at apartments, etc. It's all most exciting. Not quite the smelly doldrum of painting the interior at the Maywood house, or waiting around last week until the day I was able to call the company back and set up the interview.

Christmas was good, New Year's a blur until the greasy pizza at four AM with the infamous Larry and Suedy. Ice skating at the marina has been the upper of a snowless UP. What is it about gliding across the ice, but only ice formed atop several feet of freezing cold water which in seconds could plunge one's body into shock? magic I am concerned about the UP's economy this winter. What are businesses going to do without skiers and snowmobilers?

OK. Sore back and the daily show. They took me out for a most fabulous Thai dinner. I ate too much and impressed with my intsy vocabulary. Fabulous. (if only i could write Thai and this keyboard had Thai script...)
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