Thursday, November 15, 2007

as a keeper of information, especially paper information, when i am struck with something that i don't even know how to classify; i'm thrown into a bit of a conundrum. when the information is within my own head and i still fumble with the filing, it becomes increasingly frustrating. recently i gained a bit of information, knowledge if you will regarding a coworker. this tidbit floated around in the unkempt space with all of those other random facts for some weeks. i couldn't get it to settle down and find it's place. do i put it in the 'i feel sorry for her category', the 'she should have known better and i should just get over it category', or the 'what am i doing not helping people like that because they have bad role models and don't know any better so i'd better get out there and make something of myself right now' category. after awhile another coworker discovered this information as well, she knew where to file it right away. she said 'i feel sorry for the outcome'. my confused system found a folder for the file quickly. she was right, why was i beating myself up over the action when it's the consequence that will suffer, and instead of changing an already determined factor, why not make an attempt on the innocent and defenseless? if an untainted mind and soul can be spared from a lifetime of poor examples, then that's where my heart should lay. i should have few qualms about letting the determined demise themselves. this is all i have to say about it. it disgusts me, yet it inspires me to be more. tomorrow; the wind!