Monday, July 10, 2006
wow. it's potentially my last week here. when i look around my room i wonder what i will do with some stuff, such as my lanudry line and the huge pink pig somebody won, couldn't take home, so gave to me. how do i clean the sheets to give back to the people when i have to sleep on them the night before i leave? where can i sell the hot water pot and electric frying pan? when should i sell them? and i hope the lady who will be purchasing my refridgorator will remember and come back to claim it and move it. what about the little table i bought and the clothes that i don't want anymore or can't fit into my bags? i need to buy that suitcase so i know what will fit and what won't, but when i do, things will feel really finalized. am i ready for that?

it's the beginning of rain season. today and tomorrow are holidays for the monks to return to temple, and the start of lent. Non said that thousands of people will meet at the wat on Pattaya Thai to ask Buddha for stuff. we will go tonight to ask for a good job for me in the states, security and advancement in his job, and for strength as a couple to endure time apart. it should be interesting and followed by Som Tom and sticky rice.

Non asked me what is the first thing I'll do when I get home. I thought for a minute and said 'swimming'. Good old Lake Michigan is calling me, and so is my violin. Hopefully when I settle there will be a band of sorts where I can play, maybe do weddings on the weekends and earn some extra dollars. I really miss the sound of it and the thought that it is I who made that sound. :) Perhaps you'll be in range to hear.

On to other things for a bit before workout and the rest of the evening. I am curious about the wat, I have been there before, but it will be interesting to go with Non. OH! My suit is finished, and GORGEOUS! It looks amazing. It's a total power suit that will impress. Yipee.
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Thursday, July 06, 2006
i see that the last post i made was actually in Surat Thani, in the midst of a work trip. it was a trip that started with disaster and ended up not too shabby. the biggest setback is taking seven days for twelve hours of work. i guess that's how this job goes, and nobody really notices all the extra stuff that gets done, such as one overnight train ride and one overnight bus ride. those should be charged at more than what i get for the actual observations, they are certainly more diffucult! honestly the most relaxing parts of the entire trip were sitting in the classroom watching somebody else work and not have to think much about any advice to give because both teachers were good, and didn't need the advice. the few days in Surat, as Thais call it, were less than desireable with bad food, bad directions, and friendly but unwanted hosts. Phuket was a much better stay. the teacher and i had gotten to know each other in Pattaya, and had fun catching up on the gossip and bopping around the island. it's a very rich place with gorgeous houses, nicer roads, and all the school supplies a teacher could ask for. she certainly has the best job of anybody i have seen here, and i've seen 40.

i write so little because it was a trip, but a non-trip. i really didn't want to go because i'd much rather spend my time here in the hated Pattaya up until i go. there is someone here with whom i'd much rather spend my time. and as much as this town is disliked by many languagecorps kids that come through, it has beomce familiar to me and with familiarity comes comfort and with that comes like, to an extent. i like knowing where to go to get stuff, i like knowing where is good to eat, and i like my gym membership. running is great, but the weigh machines, the free weights, and the pool have really helped me a lot. and of course the feeling of relief at being inside the safe haven of my own room where nobody can see, hear, or disturb me. it's a welcome place when one gets stared at and hooted and hollered at on a daily basis.

so i bet you are all wondering how i am feeling about leaving Thailand, newly re-dubbed as the 'land of paper work' instead of 'the land of smiles'. i am ready. my job is pretty much done, i have sold my 'tu yen' (fridge), and am planning a lengthy date on Saturday with my beloved including some shopping, lunch, movies, dinner, out to walking street, and probably romantic drinks by the sea. though at this very moment i am very nervous because there have been some difficulties with my ticket, and i am not sure when i'll actually be leaving, a problem on both ends and added stress. but i have to return to the tailor today for fitting my new suit, and have found but not bought a new suitcase. (i don't really have a proper suitcase, and they are a great price here and i need one to accommodate acquired things). i am trying to keep a positive mind about getting a flight on the chosen day and am exploring other options right now. so you will be informed! thank you.
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