Friday, April 14, 2006
HAPPY EASTER! the day of eggs and black jelly beans. it's early, but i won't be out in the next few days for work and not wanting to get soaked and covered in powder. it's the official Thai New Year. (the scoundrels celebrate new years three times! western, chinese, and their own! any excuse for a party and a day off!) the occassion is marked by offerings to different members of the family, mostly the parents and elders. the rest of the four day sabatical is spent standing on the side of the road or riding around in the back of a truck and throwing water at anybody who happens to be in range. basically the entire country morphs into a gigantic water fight. it's impossible to get anywhere be public transport of on the roads. traffic is backed up for miles by water and powder throwers. the only way to stay dry is to stay in your room. i guess what fun is that! none, so we are all planning a bit trip into town tomorrow night. there are three new Langaugecorps people arriving yesterday, today, and tomorrow, so it will be a great initiation into Pattaya and Thailand.

Sunday we are all headed to the island beach for a day of r&r after their travels. hopefully i will be able to rent some sort of paddleable boat to keep up the Bruno Easter tradition and go canoeing. it won't be nearly as exciting as rivers in springtime in the UP, gurgling with melted snow and ice from the winter, but avoiding the jet skis will be a challange.

next week Bangkok for two days of fun packed observing. it's actually sweet because there are three teachers at this school, so I can get in six hours in one day, instead of having to go all the way for just a few hours! and the school is really gorgeous. it's brand new and covered with marble and ornate carvings and uniformed maids. another day i hav to jet down to Cambodia for a visa run. i was hoping to do an actual trip, but i don't have the time. so it'll be another one day thing in a van for six hours with a catered lunch and movies. honestly, if i'm going to take a trip, i'd rather go back to Chiang Mai and spend a bit more time there. or down to the beaches at Krabi. :)

ok. it looks like rain and i still have some stuff to do before i can race back into the dry haven that is my room. so have a great weekend!
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Saturday, April 08, 2006
So it's been awhile since I've written. I have to say that I have not been inspired lately. Lately this place seems to irritate me more than spark my curiosity or writing bug. Life simply seems to plod along with only the future to look to. I watched "The Day After Tomorrow" last night and subsequently had a dream about SNOW! It was fabulous. At the end of the day I have to be sure of the choices I make, but right now I need help. Should I move to Salt Lake City, where there are hills and snow aplenty, an Masters program in which I am really interested, and Mormons. Or should I stick to th Midwest, like Milwaukee or Chicago? Both have good airports and decent skiing a drive away, are closer to home, and are bigger cities with more opportunities than I have found in SLC. This has become the daily struggle, along with actually finding a suitable job.

Thailand is HOT again. The hottest day of the year is next week, and unluckily enough for me, I have to be in Bangkok, the worst place in the world. We have new recruits coming in and I am respinsible for collecting them, giving them a tour, and getting the back to Pattaya. It should be an interesting, hot, and wet few days. At least they will be excited about everything because it will all be new. :) Then it's a week of Pattaya orientation and getting to know them, visa run at some point, and a trip back to Koh Chang for a day. The busy-ness will begin again. This week has been busy, but slow busy with getting loads of documents prepared for our new placement girl. I am happy to finally have a person to do this because it's a job that one person needs to take care of!

Off to lunch, I'm thinking maybe som tom or perhaps pot siu. To get involved or to maintain shadow status, that is the question! Thanks for reading banter!
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