Tuesday, October 17, 2006
so...it has been an incredibly slow weekend preceeded by a decent week last week. it snowed, the marina officially closed, i had an excellent conversation with a woman who does what i want to do. yada yada. !

this woman is awesome. she's crazy busy, yet took at least a half an hour to talk with me about different avenues to get into the 'international assignment services' field. she has great ideas and some great contacts at various places. i should have a phone interview with her company, D&T sometime soon. so things are going, though slowly, but moving along in the job hunt. i hate the thought that it could take awhile to land a job that i really could love, but i guess everything that leads to it is something.

the marina is closed for services, but we are still working everyday because there is winterizing up the wazoo to do. today we pulled about forty steel ladders off the docks and carted them to the storage area. we have another forty to go tomorrow. there are bouys to remove, docks to fix, power stands to lock, and any number of other things. it's cold work outside with a bunch of guys, but it's entertaining and good most days.

the exciting news is that Friday i depart on a week long trip to visit people. i will drive to Cleveland and spend four days with Aimee. hopefully she'll take me to the zoo and i imagine i'll be hoarse from the non-stop talking. then perhaps i'll see Corey for a day and then Jacqueline and Grandma B in lansing. it looks to be a great trip. :)

ok. onwards to more reading of websites of companies recommended.
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