Tuesday, October 03, 2006
ok, so i am the baddest blogger ever. i move back and think it doens't matter anymore. though i know everybody and their brothers are curious because every body asks! WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW? well, other than working at the marina, occassional work at Maywood, and spending time on the internet researching jobs, companies, etc; nothing. yes i run, eat, sleep, and mow the lawn typically once a week, but other than that things are pretty slow. this is fine with me because i really need the time to plan and make sure i don't make a false step towards a career that i don't want. the 'global relocations' or 'international assignment services' industry is huge and full of people willing to talk about stuff. i haven't had any offers or interviews yet, but these things take time. it will happen. meanwhile, i know everything about everything at the marina and if i'm not offered something by early to mid november, i'll be moving to an actual city to find something else to tide me overuntil that dream job comes along. cities in consideration are Minneapolis and just today, Cleveland. my best friend/roommate from college, Aimee the relief keeper lives there and just moved into a huge condo; to live with her again for awhile would be heaven! (i have to talk to her first, so don't go getting too excited about the idea.)

anyhow. Non, the mysterious Thai boyfriend of mine is in Singapore with i guess his best friend. the friend got a free ticket and decided they should go. it was meant to be only for two days, but that was four days ago, so i don't know. for me, this is awesome. it is a huge step in the right direction for a Thai person to spend time outside of Thailand. they are a very faithful, don't leave home for too long or go too far away from the parents type of people. i asked quite a few Thais if they would ever live outside the country and nine out of ten times the answer was no. so for Non to be exploring and exploring the idea of living and working in Singapore is awesome! it's nothing like the windy city during winter, but it's a start.

well i'm sure that many have given up hope of me writing; so those that haven't thanks. my life seems so much less interesting to me, that i don't want to bore other people also!
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