Media - S/T Overseas New York

The OSNY Experience

In which the Cadets digitize their memories for safe keeping.

Using the ship's Sony Mavica digital camera, four disposables, and the microphone on our laptops, we were able to put together a few of the sights and sounds that make the ship what it is.

Moving Pictures:

  • The Jeremey A. DePaolo 3rd Mate Intro - 473KB
  • Chief Engineer McCarthy hams it up - 476KB
  • A longer clip of the New York underway - 952KB
  • Shorty of the ship steaming at sea speed - 476KB
  • A shot from the port bridge wing, complete with wind noise and seagull - 1.18MB

    Still Photography

  • Running From the Ship in San Martinez - Click.
  • The New York's spare anchor - Click.
  • Swapping Anchors in San Fran Bay - Click.
  • Rainsquall at Dusk - Click.
  • Wave on the bow - Click.
  • Wave on the deck - Click
  • The sail of a sub at Pearl Harbor - Click.
  • Downtown Valdez, AK - Click.
  • Alaskan Graffiti - Click.
  • Diamond Head, HA - Click.
  • View looking aft on the centerline - Click.
  • Snow storm at sea - Click.

    Panoramic Photography

  • Looking out of Valdez Narrows - Click.
  • Looking aft from the bow in Valdez Harbor - Click.
  • The ship lying off of L.A. - Click.

    Regular Stills...with Wildlife

  • Bald Eagle in Valdez - Click.
  • Otter relaxing at the Alyeska Terminal - Click.
  • Two orcas in Prince William Sound - Click.

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