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Wednesday, December 23, 2009
Fuhgeddaboutit! We survived the most stressful pre-holiday week I can
imagine, which was nuts for all kinds of reasons. Car trouble? Got it.
Worse car trouble? Double got it. Dentist? Bring it on. Tough decisions?
Certainly. Miserable, nervous-breakdown traffic on 78 and from 13A to JFK?
Naturally. Ticketing trouble? Of course. Bumped to Magnifica business to
start an Italian Christmas vacation? Wait, what?

Finally a break - and an awesome break at that.

Saturday, December 19, 2009
This was the kitchen before:
Kitchen before backsplash

It took a calendar week to get everything squared away and there's still some 'exchange of ideas' going on regarding which switch covers will become permanent. But, I think it looks great:

Kitchen after backsplash

We have also ridden out the storm of the century. Sorta. It snowed around four inches here, which was plenty enough to shut down the Valley but not enough to prevent a normal weekend for us. Sorta. Friday was not a banner day, with home and car breakdowns lining up in one happy sequence that was extended when a car crash occurred on the road while our vehicle was being loaded onto a flatbed. So long, Friday night. Sorta. We rallied and went to Home Depot and Five Guys to get our weekend kicked off. Sorta. Saturday we slept in and did some house work. Sorta. We also watched "The Hangover" and made cookies.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
William Allen Christmas concert last night: whoa. There's always a senior soloist and they're always good, but holy cow Anthony Rosario. O! Holy Night indeed.

It was a slammed weekend. We tiled the backsplash and went to two Christmas parties and didn't get the best start on Sunday morning. Tonight we put grout on and cleaned up the project, satisfied with the results. Before-and-after pics coming soon.

Friday, December 11, 2009
Not sure where this week went. I played Upper Perk hoops Monday night with Ryan from work and enjoyed it. The level of play isn't as high as East Penn but the pace is higher and that plays to my advantage. Other weeknights existed but I don't remember how...

Thursday night we picked up the accent tile and requisite tools and supplies for this weekend's big project. Tonight was Jenelle's staff Christmas party after work, so we met at Volpe's in Emmaus for snacks and chatting; it didn't last too long and then we came home to tear apart the kitchen and get ready for backsplash tomorrow morning.

Sunday, December 06, 2009
Here's our charmed existence once we broke free of a week that was busy with appointments, meetings and making soup from Halloween pumpkins...

First Fridays figured large in my Sarasota life, so we revisited this downtown tradition in Lancaster. Sadly for me, all of the shops and galleries I would visit again were open on our last visit so it was a little bit of much ado about nothing. So, we had a burrito and headed home.

Saturday we had a mission: collect our backsplash tiles. This was meant to be a day in Flatiron and Chelsea, walking/photographing the High Line and doing some NYC Christmas shopping. Instead the weather was mortifying. We double-parked outside the tile shop, loaded up, and headed home. It was that bad. Somewhere in Jersey the driving rain turned to driving snow and we decided to give Bethlehem a shot; it was quiet and snow-covered. We didn't find much other than a crowd at Moravian and crickets on the south side, so went back to LMT and made a Mexican rice and pork thing and watched a movie.

This morning is sun-on-new-snow brilliant, sure to be a good day.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009
The moon is full and bright tonight with no clouds - winter weather. Our breath poured out of our nostrils after a meeting on the triangle in Emmaus, dinner at Cali, and a late trip to Wegman's. Back at home we cleaned house a bit and headed upstairs to sit in the FANCY NEW CHAIR or read.

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