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Friday, May 29, 2009
It's Friday night. We rolled south to pick up a few things and now we're back; Jenelle's watching her haunted places show and I'm doing internet catchup and trying to read all the P&R details I didn't get to after Wednesday's meeting.

Robin & Jenelle on wedding day
Oh yeah, I'm also browsing pictures and finally posting proof of life.

Grandma Gray on her TN porch
Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Someday there will be pictures and probably a better description of what happened, but for now suffice it to say that Friday to Monday was Robin & Jake's wedding and Memorial Day Weekend 2009. We celebrated with the happy couple and a (figurative) boatload of family and friends, hitting the Delta County highlights: waterfront, H&H/CJ's, waterfront, HofL, deer, park, waterfront, parade, and, Dairy Flo. It was a busy weekend as weddings and trips to the UP tend to be.

Congrats Robin & Jake! Thanks for everything - we had so much fun.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
Blog update blog. Steps forward at work. Steps back at work. Bedside tables. Frisbee rained out. Hockey Night in Macungie with wings and fries and chips/queso. Trip south for routine maintenance then further south for West Chester. Found a restaurant (not hard) but not much else. Thought about retail:dining ratios of various cool towns; too low there. Found a table (harder) and had a nice meal...hadn't had steak in awhile. Gram departed aboard Visions as reported by blog; sail safe/fair winds/etc. Hair cuts, discount veggie stand, cool shopping in Emmaus. Made friend at Cottage. Retail:dining ratio closer but maybe too high? Worked on outside stuff. Mowed lawn, cleaned grill, grilled on grill. BBQ chicken with brownies a la mode for dessert. Hockey afternoon in Macungie. Errands. Lightning fast days at work, faster evenings. Talked on the phone. Ate salad and bread, painted a project. Covered plants.
Monday, May 11, 2009
Last Thursday was the end of basketball; I celebrated by playing poorly but hitting the walk-off three that ended the season. See you in the fall, T/Th men's rec league hoops.

Friday was a whirlwind - last week was a whirlwind week at Knoll - made even more so by an early departure to get to PHL and, after a long drive through a major electrical storm, Dover TN.

There will eventually be picture(s) up to document our visit to Grandma Gray's farm in the northwestern corner of Tennessee, but for now some words: we surprised Grandma but spent the weekend in a pretty low-key way. Bad weather lent itself to a tour of family histories by car; blue bird weather was great for visiting Fort Donelson, watching giant fish in the pond, and blue birds flitting around the yard. There was time to share Mother's Day cards, a box of old photos, and three meals around the dining room table but that is about all you can squeeze into a weekend that includes traveling almost to the Mississippi.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009
The HBS first-years who descended upon Newport this weekend had this goal: to eat a sandwich. Our goal was different: we were in town to wish Gram bon voyage ahead of his trip around the earth. We drove east Saturday morning in the rain, which let up just as we stepped aboard Visions of Johanna and the sun broke through for a great afternoon about town. We ran into the afore-mentioned MBAs at Black Pearl and then found some more at Perro Salado at dinner time. We spent the night aboard and were off in the morning to let Gram get back to the daunting task of loading one's family and life into a 62' sloop for a sail to New Zealand.

Before and after the weekend details.... we played frisbee in the park on Thursday. Jenelle played really well and impressed all comers with her wicked diving catches. I played hoops twice and discovered that my still-sore calf isn't great for shooting but is a fine back foot for full court outlet passes to streaking guards.

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