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Wednesday, November 23, 2005
I played MBA hoops again last night - good fun despite inexplicably tired legs. Everyone present was lamenting the exhausting nature of the half-week, wondering if we could have survived three more days. and trying to figure out why it was so rough. The games were fun, even though the shots weren't falling for anybody. It felt like a cold winter night just before break... cue flashback to driving the Jeep up to late-night post-football-practice practice at RRHS. Earlier in the week we played S3 v Section 2 whirly ball, which left me a bit sore, maybe that was it! Whirly ball. That's quite a rig. Bumper cars and jai alai and lacrosse and basketball all in one. It's total chaos and totally fun, but watch for the lap-belt induced bruises.

The wintry weather has arrived right on schedule: just in time for TG travel. Despite snow-swept roads and chilly low temperatures, we're headed north. It's nice to be leaving at noon, though, and hopefully we'll beat weather and traffic to the other peninsula. Either way, it is time for vacay.

Mwwaaah! Happy T-givins.

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