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Monday, November 07, 2005
Business school is life out of a backpack. I snapped up a Jansport laptop-specific, crunch-proof, multi-pocket, ergonomically-enhanced, lunch-pocket-enabled doozy of a backpack about 14 months ago and man am I ever glad. That thing carries, quite literally, my life for 14 hours a day. Laptop, wallet, keys, phone, food, books, and calculator all jam in there. Today from 8 until now it has contained everything that I need for a day in the life.

Life outside of my backpack included mostly just marketing - marketing and finance. The two main elements of my day were marketing, finance, and M-Trek...are the three things I did today. Along with eating a pasty. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition but more often than not if they would just check their Outlook calendar they would see that the Spanish were inquiring today. Five trans-Ross shuffles during the day seemed to take up more spare time than I had, but with whispering all afternoon on the silent floor of Kresge and a late-evening team meeting I think we got our marketing project into a good place...but the credit goes, strangely, to the finance team that bailed me out this week.

Team stuff continues to be a good source of bloggage. When I think about teams these days I think about my first NA570 project team last year - the Coasties and I hammering out a coastwise ATB in rapid fashion. Parsons took the time to actually form balanced, pre-evaluated teams, whereas 'down here' teams are slathered together like old shingles on a deer camp roof and the decrease in team function is profound. One of my biggest takeaways from grad school will definitely be the optimizing power of creating teams instead of making teams.

An alert reader forwarded a great article about the civil rights movement vis-a-vis the Rosa Parks post from last week. It's a think piece on the origins of movements; Parks as spontaneous hero contrasted against Parks and others as the foundations of something revolutionary.

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