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Thursday, November 03, 2005
"Before" is a four letter word. Everybody, everywhere, with everything to do with the years prior to their arrival at Ross simply abbreviates this mysterious pre-experience as 'before.' This wasn't my area before. My experience before was this. I did this before and here are my thoughts. This doesn't make any sense to me, but I'm beginning to see that the reason is simply that nobody cares. This apathy is a mixed bag; Ross becomes, for better or worse, the defacto defining moment in your life by erasing the relevance of all other moments, professionally speaking. So unless you've saved a child from drowning in a river (Brian) or led relief efforts in an Acehnese town (Ian) or spent two years in the Peace Corps helping Bolivian women make yoghurt (Steve) your life begins at MLP now.

When people (mostly Amy, really) found out that I was going home to make cider over fall break, they were curious. Today, the curiousity ended with a refreshing breaktime snack of cider and doughnuts halfway through MO503. The deer apple, family cider mill, non-pastuerized blend whetted a half dozen whistles in the back row of the Michigan room and it was good.

Now it is 9 o'clock in the PM and I am multi-tasking like a madperson: career email, group email, group research, GSRA research, and blogging are all going on at once. It has occured to me that I may need to upgrade the RAM in my trusty hp nx9110 to keep up with the b-school pace of activity. Computers weren't designed with this level of student application loading in mind; NASA uses more power but they only run "MoonShotRocketGuide.exe" in their backroom. I've the six apps that make up the "MBA Fire Hose Suite" (Outlook, Firefox, Excel, PPT, Word, and WinAmp) running at the moment and the shuttling back and forth can bog things down.

Finally tonight, a mini-Rosa Parks tribute. People in southeast MI are pretty in tune with her passing and the significance of her life, but I think Al Sharpton parked the tribute, suggesting we should all be activists:

As long as I can, I'll speak out! When I can't speak out, I'll stand up! When I can't stand up, I'll sit in the way!
May we all be so brave.

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