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Sunday, October 09, 2005
Yeah sure there's plenty to write about, but what hasn't been said? Politics and sports and business are well-beaten beats; browncow is about all three and then some. I guess today we'll focus on the 'some.' Let's see...Friday was a Habitat for Humanity of Huron River build day in Ypsi with other b-schoolers. The turnout amoung BBAs was great - MBAs not so much. That being said, I led a team that built a pretty sweet deck and lent a hand to some folks getting started on a shed. That night, after wine and cheese and pasta from Wednesday's festivities, we hit our first varsity hockey tilt of the year...a return to fun. It's amazing how different the atmosphere is at Yost than it is at Michigan Stadium. At times on Saturday I think we could hear the blimp; Friday night my ears were ringing when I got home. Saturday, of course, was the football game. We tailgated MBA-style at the golf course and enjoyed the band, but I have to say this was not a happy day for me. After the game we went to Jenelle's, took the Vibe for it's first spin, cruising with the moonroof open and Ben Folds (and then Wagner's "Ride of the Valkyries") blasting on the impressive stereo. Home to watch "The Straight Story" and play Scrabble. First board game ever, we think. Sunday started with blueberry pancakes and kinda slid from there - S3 forfeited our football game, I botched some of my 25% of the group econ homework, and then I had a stats quiz to round out the evening.

Somehow, despite the joy of a great fall weekend, with cider and fancy cheese and plenty of time outdoors and hockey and time with Jenelle, the football game really black-holed the energy right out of me. I guess in my mind this was the year: a Maize and Blue Rose Bowl trip with b-school friends was just a few wins away.

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