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Thursday, October 20, 2005
This morning's statistics exam was much better...I'm not sure what happened to the last 50 minutes of the exam, but it flew by and that is fine. Either way this was a much better representation of how much of the subject I know.

After the test I headed home, not in any particular hurry, and did some domestic stuff: laundry, cleaning, taking care of this and that. Since the week is almost over and the ingredients weren't getting any younger, I made myself a pretty gourmet pasta lunch with fettucini ala pasta bar. To the uninitiated, this is a creamy, tomato and onion sauce that Mom concocted to mirror a wonderful entree ordered by one of us from Vancouver's excellent da Pasta Bar. (Mom also grew the bunch of Roma tomatoes I used and there's a good chance she would know the exact term for "multiple tomatoes.") After a fancy lunch I did some career-search stuff, which seems premature but there is, apparently, no such thing. Now it is back to work: studying for CSIB 502 Corp Strategy and attending OMS 701 Hopefully a Better Use of My Time Than Last Week.

While all of this is going on there has been quite a little murmur in my brain about skiing this spring. Hushhhhhh! Can anybody else hear that? That's right, it's snow falling on Winter Park Colorado. Foot after foot after foot of glorious puffy fresh.

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