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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Someday soon I'll organize, edit, and upload some photos from Tuesday in Delta County with my parents, but in the meantime a plain jane text-based update.

Speaking of Jane, it's official that the Webb C|02 ski group is headed to Winter Park, CO, home of Mary Jane. Constable - master ski trip architect, head cook and bottle washer, snowboard aerial expert and all-around swell guy - has put things together quite nicely for spring break in the Rockies.

I drove south from the UP today after visiting with an old friend this morning. It's a hike, from RR to AA. Today was super clear, though, and I could see Mighty Mac from west of Cut River - just the tops of the towers but quite a sight just the same. And colors! I thought Sunday or Tuesday would have been the peak, but I dare say they were better this afternoon than either of those days.

Now back in the routine. Fifty one emails greeted me, along with requisite other internet tasks, and a great blog on Robin@Thailand. Good break but good to be back too.

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