b 4.0
Monday, October 03, 2005
Some of the hairy, nitty gritty, down and dirty overhead of school never ends...I just had to sit through another Honor Code lecture. Who cheats on an open-book, open-notes, time unlimited multiple choice exam, and when you give it can't you pretty much kiss any discrete results goodbye? I grow weary of these things.

I also grow weary of quizzes, especially when they go badly. My practice quiz for stats took 90 minutes; the real one 160. Accounting quiz? Who knows...I think it went well but my judgment of late has been marginal at best. It's hard to gauge a closed-book test on unfamiliar material - my first principles foundation hasn't been established yet and it's more transparent to me than I'd like.

I'm off for S3 intersection football. I'm going to do my best Mike Hart impression.

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