b 4.0
Monday, October 10, 2005
It's tough to sit in class and not say anything, but it is tougher to sit and say something and have it implode. There I was in Corporate Strategy, disagreeing with how the calculations were done and the conclusion reached, knowing in between thoughts that this was class participation points suicide. "Death to thousands" Professor Hennings used to say, and today I was the thousands. Realistically I don't think it was too big a deal but all the same it is, I imagine, not unlike being in a car crash...you can see what is happening and know it is bad but can't seem to stop the eventuality.

Now I am off on an Art Tour of Ross with Mrs. Dolan - my new Mrs. The Dean. I have little hope that she's as cool as Jill Compton, but you have to play the cards you are dealt. Plus, Ross has a collection that very much matches my photorealistic, pseudo-propoganda, post-war industrialist tastes. Precisionism is everywhere, which I cannot get enough of. Plus there is free food, something else I can't get enough of.

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