b 4.0
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
I think you should reach an age, academically, when you are exempty from final examinations. Once you have taken 30 or more finals, you get a waiver to opt out of the test or an upgrade to opt to bring a cheat sheet or allow open books. This way, I could have had some kind of resources available to show that I could DO the accounting part, just not the memorizing random equations part. It's a little ludicrous, really, that we aren't given full opportunity to prove our understanding - especially when you consider that this is going to show up in living color on a transcript that recruiters will look at. I can see that interview already..."So, you had a little trouble with accounting, Mr. Bruno. How about a nice job down on the loading dock?" "NO way! I can do accounting, just give me a book and calculator and I'll account for everything." "Ha ha! A sense of humor - you'll be supply room captain in no time!"

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