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Friday, October 28, 2005
I promised that I would put up some pics from Tuesday, and I try not to disappoint. Mom took the day off, Dad had the day off, and we made a day out of it. Browsing at (bizarrely) a Rapid River contemporary furnishings store that is (bizarrely) really good, then heading east to Garden Orchards, lunch at D&J's (ex-Rosie's), and then on to Fayette. We walked around the point, Dad fell asleep against the wall, Mom and I were defeated by the wind in our attempt to Frisbee, and I snapped some snaps:
Fayette collage
Then we drove over to the Stonington loop (Mom and I fell asleep in the truck, completing the nap trifecta), stopping at Juniper and Grandskog before heading back to the Club. Mom made apple crisp from Grandskog apples off a tree we planted back in the '90s and I whacked together some pasta sauce and we feasted. That is a fall day in the UP.

Back in the mitt it has been business as unusual. Had a wisdom tooth out yesterday - there's a bit of barbary! "You'll feel some tugging!" said Dr. Sturtz. Yeah... tugging, that's it. You're pulling my tooth out not tightening my life preserver you neanderthal. After that, a derned lazy day as Motrin basically left me a human pile on the floor. Even Ollie thought I was a lame-O, but at least I was a lame-O that updated the M-Trek website. All he did was a chase stuffed toys.

Today I've done some b-schooling ahead of Monday's restart. I don't mean to gripe, but after dropping close to two Benjis on courspacks I really didn't want to wave goodbye to two-point-seven more for textbooks today. An $80 small-format softcover? Get off your high horse, lady. But now I am ready to go again.

FALL A is dead! Long live FALL B!

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