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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Do you ever just kind of get feedback on something and go "whoa, that is surprisingly unexpectedly good news"? I just had that experience with an accounting quiz on which I beat the mean and median.

There was news of a major land sale up north today, as NewPage unloaded the bulk of Escanaba Timber LLC's holdings to Seattle-based Plum Creek Timber LLC for $345m. The astounding part, though, is the acreage involved: 650,000 acres. That's 1,015 square miles - just a Wal-Mart parking lot short of the state of Rhode Island. Clearly there were not 1,048,000 people living on these acres, but that is an amazing amount of timberland changing hands.

Time to prep for corporate strategy! Read read read, review review review!

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