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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
The days are simply flying by. It seems hardly a wink from the time the alarm clock does its thing until I walk up East University towards the bus home. On Tuesdays and Thursdays this has been especially pronounced, because class ends at 12:40.

In the afternoon today I gave blood and finished my resume, which is a pretty big deal around here. There is a nifty online system that lets you craft your bullets, order them, select the ones you'd like to show and the ones you'd like to hide, and publish to PDF. It puts everybody, format-wise at least, on the same page. Your content still has to be flawless and synergistic but at least you can't blame Word if you don't get the job you always wanted.

Caught up with a friend from the north and past yesterday... Kids having kids! This is a sure sign of growing up; it used to be that I hardly knew anybody my age and having children. It sounds like a time to be excited and a time to be nervous. Congratulations and best wishes, friends.

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