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Sunday, October 02, 2005
A couple people wondered about the contents of Friday's post and they were intentionally vague - there was a surprise hidden there that a certain somebody wasn't supposed to figure out. The lyrics there are from a song called "We're Going to Be Friends" by Detroit Rock City natives Jack White and Meg White of The White Stripes. Jenelle and I are into The White Stripes and the surprise was a trip to their Masonic Temple show Friday evening. It was a pretty great time; they have a sense of red and white style that is '70s hip and a rock sound that is any decade awesome. Meg plays the drums and sings a bit while Jack rocks the guitar, paino, vibraphones, and mic. The entire stage, down to guitar cables and vibraphone pibes, was white or red, except for a green apple held by a white hand on the black face of the bass drum. Check out whitestripes.com.

After the show we were feeling a little bit energetic about a night in Big D so we went the only place that seemed well-lit and safe: Greektown Casino. We went mostly for a place to hang out; while we were there we had Cold Stone, a round and hummus at Pegasus Taverna, and lost an incomprehensible amount of money (six dollars) in the slot machines. It was a pretty fun night, all told, and I think a solid birthday celebration.

About 11 months ago I posted about a triple-OT thriller that took place at Michigan Stadium, and I'm back to talk about the single-OT nailbiter that Spartan Stadium witnessed Saturday. It lacked the under-the-lights, come-from-behind, lob-it-to-Braylon brilliance of last year but this was still a heck of a football game. Mike Hart was the difference, though, and his 218 yards put Michigan over the top. Good to have you back, Junior.

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