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Thursday, September 29, 2005
There've been a few developments to report. First, it may come as a surprise to some but I got my first business cards yesterday. Like a proud parent I'm putting their likeness online...I figure that might be a handy way to do email signatures, too.
Business Card
Next, S3 went off yesterday and took a commanding lead in Penny Wars. With all of the matching and rematching I think the total for the contest is someplace around $10,000 with one final day remaining.

There's an option in blogger to allow each post to start with a catchy headline. Clearly, BrownCow doesn't utilize this feature, but from time to time I think I'll use that idea to convey things more concisely.
    Michigan Solar Car in 3rd at World Solar Challenge!
    United Technologies Corp. Gives Away Optical Mice at Recruiting Event
    Econ Test Returned: Results Mixed, say Statistics
    Studying Looms, Despite Busy Social Weekend
    Fall Arrives!
    Asian Colleagues Don't Whisper
    Students from Indian Subcontinent Host 'Desi' Party for Section-mates

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