b 4.0
Monday, September 12, 2005
There's a strange, sudden, and steady routine at Ross. It comes together quickly and hits you hard, but the cadence of life around campus is as much a prop as it is a burden. Block classes - two and a quarter hours at a pop - take some getting used to and a little planning ahead. (I pity the fool who doesn't bring a breaktime snack!) There is a never-ending stream, nay torrent, of emails to be read, deleted, responded to, or flagged. In fact, an astoundingly high percentage of my life is now done within the realm of Michigan's kerberos login universe. Study room reservations, emailed meeting invites, printing, updates from faculty, and even tickets for the upcoming varsity hockey season are all just a wireless click away. A year ago I wrote a post about the difference between Webb and the College of Engineering; the differences between Webb and Ross seem to be more about numbers than anything. I sure do miss Pete's cooking, though!

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