b 4.0
Friday, September 02, 2005
MBAs are a social bunch I'm finding. Yesterday we bonded while clearing a small stretch of forest in a park in northwestern Detroit, then came back to A-deuce for a pizza party and a couple of other stops. We hit B-dubs (referred to as B-W-3's here?) and then moved out to the Forest Court house of an MBA2. It was pretty fun to be in such a homogenous group that was simultaneously so diverse.

Today we gathered at Caroline's parents' house atop the hill on Geddes. Holy cow - easily the biggest house I've ever been in, but we got together a pretty decent chant for Thursday's section-by-section Shout Off. It would be easy to be totally sectionally brainwashed...and S3 is where I would want to have it done. A great blend of people, that is for sure.

Last post until football. The three extra hours' wait of a late-afternoon game is painful at this point, but there's corn in the fridge and a UMBSA tailgate to hit in the early afternoon. Let's....Go....Blue!

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