b 4.0
Tuesday, September 06, 2005
It's ON. MBA kicked off this morning with OMS 501 Business Statistics and was followed immediately by BE 502 Applied Microeconomics. It was over four hours of class, learning hard. There's already an intangible sense of the madness looming. The halls at Ross are slammed with people from all corners of the academic business world: BBAs, Executive MBAs, MBAs, staff, faculty, prospective students, current students from the university at large, and a few other, non-categorized random interlopers.

Big weekend just passed, with a football game and Labor Day and all. The game was what it was - as with many early season games our attention was elsewhere. This week it was in Pittsburgh where next week's opponent (Notre Dame) looked dominant over Pitt. The Big House faithful cursed the defense early and often, as holes from last year popped up as if it were still the second half of the Rose Bowl. I find myself missing the reference table at MPYD and running down the docket with Drew over some lunch. PB & J really cranks up the nostalgia, that's what I always say.

Other bits and pieces...yip. Nice weather. Ate corn abundant. Sloppy joes, my favorite picnic food. Picnic! Whoa M-Trek picnic was cool. Treks gone awry all over the globe. Angelo's breakfast - eggs benedict and a pint of hollandaise. MBA tailgate, thanks Sprint for the phone card for hurricane relief. Watched "On Golden Pond" one evening, what a crazy old poop. Good show, all around.

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