b 4.0
Friday, September 23, 2005
I'm studying again. I wish I weren't but I am; econ midterms don't take themselves so I'm spending a day taking it. Seven hours of revising, 90 minutes of testing, and no more than one hour at the "Beeeeeeer! Where have you been all my life?" single-round happy hour afterwards. Then it is off to have a weekend. Anyway, it seems pretty hard - the engineer in me ought to get the nuances of the different situations better and I would like to select the right attack more often - and I think if my man Doug were here I know what he would say: "What's on the examlet?"

WSJ/Harris Interactive rankings came out this week. People were pretty nonplussed about sliding a solitary spot to #2. 'Two ain't bad' is the thinking around here. (To be honest, "Second position reflects a high standard of action based learning while still allowing the school to measurably leverage its strengths and improve our product" is the thinking around here.) Mostly I agree with MBA-blogging legend Tad Holbie...nobody cares unless you slide or gain more than three spots, leave the Top 10, or enter the rankings for the first time.

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