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Thursday, September 15, 2005
I don't think that I rant supreme on this joint too often, but today I'm steamed...about wireless phone etiquette.
As I've stated before, Ross is big time. We are paying in the hundreds per hour to have our heads filled and so far I'm guessing that I've paid around $100 to hear mobile phones ring. Javesh has had his phone go off three times in the past two days - his ringer is loud, his phone buried in his bag, and his apparent remorse nowhere to be seen. Last night I had occasion to be at a very solemn event and obnoxious ringers interrupted three times in the span of five minutes. Anti-cell signal blockers are illegal but I am coming out strongly in favor of their legalization. Churches have started using them, and I don't see why chapels, schools, and entertainment venues shouldn't be allowed to maintain their atmosphere. If your use of a phone is costing me, I want to be able to take the offensive. We've seen smoking relegated to stoops and smoky bars - why aren't wireless phones right behind?

At GBR there was talk of drinking from a firehose, a cliche that I've repeated. The thing about it is that you don't realize that you've been drinking from said hose. I looked up in BE502 Applications of Microeconomics today and realized that I have learned, without a doubt, more in school this semester than I can realize...but it doesn't hurt. The pleasantness about it is that if you don't know that your brain is being jammed full of stuff, you can keep going.

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