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Tuesday, September 13, 2005
I am a winter kind of guy...always have been, always will be. Snow, ice, wind, and cold are my domain of choice. So, when it is the 13th of September AND 90 degrees Fahrenheit in Ann Arbor I am not a happy camper. The clear sky is great, the slight tinge of color on the trees from overnight chill is awesome, but I'm against sweating in shorts and t-shirts after August.

There's some general disgruntlement around Michigan nation about the state of the Varsity, but for whatever reason nobody is too concerned about the health of Junior, aka #30 Michael Hart. Hart has been the engine of this team for a year, providing the blue collar work ethic required to have a good season. Put Stevie and Chad on the highlight reel and hype Grady all you'd like, but if Hart is out for any length of time, I rue the season. This is, though, the perfect irony: Hart's behind-the-scenes style doesn't bring a frothy media mob. The frothy media seem more concerned about other things at the moment, but I'm concerned about this.

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