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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Great news! There was an awesome letter to the editor in the Daily Press today, so a good post must be forthcoming.

Poor LF of Escanaba wrote to express her concern re: The Price of Gas. Catchy opening line to her letter: "What kind of game are those Arabs playing?" (Oooh I am hooked at this point!) Slamming follow-up statement: "Bush can straighten out those crooks and stop the gas guzzling prices. It's gone completely out of control. Do they think we are a bunch of illiterates to let them get away with the price of gas?" (This is getting awesome...the gas is guzzling prices!?!) If prices are high, shouldn't the ranting be about the gas-sipping prices? She later asks to know why gas has gone from $2.89 to $3.19 in a single day; she must be quite impressed by "those Arabs" to think that they could affect gas by $0.30 in 12 hours. This comes across as pure fear later, when she says "I believe the Arabs want to wipe us out and are doing a good job at it too." (Yep. She's right. Not about the price of gas, though.) I think that with all of the attention paid to this issue we'd know better about these most basic underpinnings of our nation's economy. It's ironic that she accused "those Arabs" of thinking we were a bunch of illiterates - that point was well proven in subsequent paragraphs.

Last week I kinda slammed Ford for bringing cars on campus to drum up enthusiasm. What I should have done was slam Ford for just not having that exciting of a lineup. The reason I say this is that the General is on campus today, with a Corvette, H3, Solstice, 9-3 Convertible, and CTS-V. These are exciting products, there's no way around it, and I think that it can't help but get people a little pumped...when I was sitting in the driver's seat of a Corvette with my finger on the button there was a twinge.

Ian, Scott, Scott's girlfriend Rachel, and I went for a little Huron River Drive bike ride this morning. We did about 18mph over 20.76 miles, which was a pleasant amount. Cool Michigan air makes for easy, not-too-sweaty rides. There was mist rising off the river and sun on the dewy grass, too, so I would chalk it up as a great way to spend a morning.

Last thing, honest. Got my quiz back. Huh. Made some mistakes, no doubt. Could have been worse. If grades really aren't important, I'm set. I don't think I got a "fail" but it's still not very pleasant.

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