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Monday, August 29, 2005
There are lots of things you can do with a Sunday in August - one of them is to move house. Jenelle and I spent the day hauling, sweating, towing, and hauling. We picked up a big old U-Haul trailer at 7:30 AM and spent the day filling and making two trips to her new place. Everything got done, though, completing three days of what could only be called "whirlwind change."

Other thoughts....

1) The MBA Filter. I'm finding that whenever somebody tells you something about themselves at Ross, you must magnify that by two orders of magnitude. For example if someone mentions in passing that they prefer rugby to football, apply the MBA Filter and deduce that they played semi-professional rugby. If somebody says they are a fair basketball player, deduce that they will have a sick crossover dribble, lightning first step, and may break your ankles. I enjoy the modesty, no doubt, but in some cases I wish that we could be comfortable just to express our exact aptitude. I'm imagining the number of missed opportunities to have expert skills working on projects and it is a little depressing.

2) Football kicks off within a week. Stevie Breaston is back. Hart and Henne, the linesmen, and the tight ends are back. The stadium is ready, the T-shirts are printed, and I picked up my tickets. The weather looks good for Saturday, there're brats in the freezer, and Produce Station has apples and corn. I am utterly stoked.

3) First Day of School at UHS. Yip, half a day. Yeah, 15 minutes per class. Maybe doesn't sound like a big deal, but a job (and a career, you might say) started this morning and that's more exciting than the details. Where there are eager minds and eager teachers, great things are on tap.

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