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Tuesday, August 02, 2005
Recently I subscribed to a daily newspaper. I also recently read Henry Petroski's tome on the formative years of an engineer - Paperboy. The two working together have given me a great sense of satisfaction each day as I walk out of the western Huron Tower and pick up my neatly folded, deceptively heavy copy of The Wall Street Journal. I like the journal because it gives news that doesn't show up in other places and is relevant to my everyday life, but I also like it because it is a useable dose of North American-centric global news and insight. It has been years since I read a daily paper and this is the first I've subscribed to; there's a sense of accomplishment I get from grabbing a newpaper with my name on the shipping label, flipping to the lower fold or opening to Section B and digging in that must be somehow tied to my desire to get the news first.

Michigan Today had an interesting article today on Yooper language that contained some surprises and some comforting restatement of the known.

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