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Monday, August 22, 2005
The Maine Event was listed as a "Moderately Active" trek. Sometime around midweek, one of the trekkers lampooned the Onion: "Moderately Active Trek Goes Awry." We paddled down the Penobscot (braving Class V rapids and a Box of Fluffy Kittens), hiked up Mount Katahdin (crowning a certain faded Michigan visor the highest point in Maine and descending The Knife's Edge), rappelled over and then climbed back up The Cliffs of Otter, kayaked across the Eggemoggin Reach to Pond Island and then on to Mount Desert Island.
Maine Event atop Katahdin
Ross students that have gone on M-Treks all recommended them and most said that the best friends you have when you graduate are the ones you make on the first organized Ross event of your career as a matriculated b-schooler. I'm not positive about it, but I'm guessing that on a Saturday in May of 2007 there will be a picture of some (much-better groomed) trekkers who had a grand old time in the Northeast in August of 2005.
Dinnertime on Pond Island
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, life ploughs ahead. I got dozens of emails about courses to register for and things to take care of; stuff is happening fast.

The names Nordhielm, Sutcliffe, Gautam, and Kale may not be familiar, but they are the cream of the business education crop. I have them all in the coming semester. These are respected gurus in their respective fields, business minds whose reputations preceed them, big time professors who are the very reason that Ross sits atop the WSJ b-school rankings. I am stoked.

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