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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
A line is crossed on the journalism front, I think, when you look forward to the next article or deadline and lament missing a post. Lately 'the blog' is starting to feel like that...soft skills on display left and right.

The 'keystone' event of MLP took place this evening. Mr. Jeffrey Immelt, CEO of General Electric Corp, was in Hale Auditorium to pump up the MBA plebes about leadership. More than leadership, though, I came away excited over innovation. Mr. Immelt spoke at some length about the value of synergy between new technology and expanding to global markets - fascinating stuff. Earlier in the day we'd discussed as a section the benefits and detractions of the global economy. People were bullish about globalization, but my sense is that this is a self-fulfilling prophesy. Rick Wagoner bore this out, saying roughly 'being in an emerging market is scary, but scarier still is not being there.'

Katrina news pours in, worse and worse. A year back I sat in my apartment with six inches of water in the tub in case the worst had happened, waiting for the Olympics to come on. Weather is luck, bad luck, or downright stupid luck. That being said, give me snow and ice over wind and rain any day.

Football's on its way. In ethics class today the professor was talking about good faith and brought up the bands at football games playing the other team's fight song. Word to the wise: talking about the Notre Dame game doesn't make me think about ethics, it makes me think about Blue scoring 38 points, pitching a shutout, and 30,000 people chanting "Northern Illinois is better!"

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