b 4.0
Thursday, August 25, 2005
Dean Gene Anderson kicked off the Welcome Address by talking about bandwidth. This concerns me a great deal - if the school assumes I have some available bandwidth then they are going to stream that amount of content towards me. A fascinating education concept if nothing else.

MLP is rolling right along, with good brownies and bountiful opportunities for classmates to voice their profundities and to hear themselves talk. Hale Auditorium full of eager-beaver, gunner-type MBA1s makes for a long morning of cliche self-aggrandizing from the few and scornful looks from the rest.

There's also been some painting. It seems a strange juxtaposition with MLP, but apartments need to be re-whited and prepped for living and the time is now. Jenelle picked a cool slate-green color for her new place and now we're going to be digging in with the dark red and light yellows from her old place. Should look awesome in a few days.

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