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Tuesday, July 19, 2005
Sometimes I really lack the motivation to do stuff around the house. On those nights, it is a bit of a blessing to be a grad student researcher, because I can just cut bait and head up to my office and toil away on a research project until the wee hours. Last night I stayed up way too late adjusting the cost savings figures for one of the fleet architecture concepts I've been working on.
Architecture is a funny thing; it has been the topic of the past two courses taught at SNSSDP so I'm getting a better sense of what it entails. One of my first jobs was as an assistant architect - of the computer network variety. Then I progressed to being a student and ultimately a professional architect - of the naval variety. Now I've spent a few weeks heading towards a new architecture (thanks Le Corbusier, knew you'd like that one) - of the systems variety. And so I am discovering that architecting (not necessarily architecture) is what I really enjoy; to start with an idea and a blank or nearly-so piece of proverbial paper and create the relationships, dependencies, and technological tie-ins required for the end result to be functional and logical is art.
Time for a new feature: Totally Unrelated Fact of the Day!: At speed, an Indy or F1 race car creates enough downforce to stick to the track even if the track were inverted.

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