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Monday, July 18, 2005
Saturday was, by all accounts, the wackiest weather day of my life. We left Lansing pretty early and headed to Grand Haven under a few puffy clouds on a clear, hot day. By the time we got to Grand Haven, it had rained twice, a thick haze had appeared, and the temperature had fallen a bit. The sun was trying to burn through, though, so we jumped on our bikes and rode from Grand Haven to Ferrysburg and out to Lake Michigan on the north side of the Grand River. Along the way it alternated between rain and not, and when we got to the top of the dunes that parallel the lake, we could almost see our breath - despite the dewey fog. After we'd ridden back to Grand Haven to eat our oriental salad lunch along the river, we noticed it had gotten hot - despite the fog. We spent some of the afternoon on the beach, where temps ranged into the 90s on shore and held constant at 53 in the water - again, still with thick, couldn't see the lighthouse fog. Finally, in the evening, after we'd seen downtown and gone on a mini driving tour of the city, the sun burned through. It was about 5 in the afternoon and we decided we'd better take our chances walking the breakwall and taking pictures before the soup closed in again. It didn't, luckily, and the musical fountain performance was seen bright and clear later that night, after we'd walked the town and eaten at Luna's Mexican Cafe and toured the museum. Here's the ubiqitous Grand Haven photo, as proof of life:
Grand Haven pier
Sunday was a lazy old day if there ever was one, but we wound it down by seeing "Wedding Crashers" at the cinema. We rarely go to the movies, but this one was well worth it. ROTFL would have been the thing to type if we had seen it at a 1994 chat room.

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