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Tuesday, July 12, 2005
Let's review things that kids like: cousins, zoos, and Chuck-E-Cheese. Saturday Jenelle and I rounded up some of her young cousins and combined all three. We saw every animal at the Detroit Zoo except for the non-cooperative gorillas and orangutans and the missing arctic foxes. That included being about 12" from the mouth of a polar bear (inside a plexiglass tunnel while the bear swam above...Hannah, on my shoulders, 'touched' the bear's paw as he stood on the tunnel roof.) and seeing an eagle quasi-attack a peacock.
Sunday we hit the Lansing River Trail on our bikes, after some cycling-outfitting errands, and saw most of the city and most of the trail. It was Jenelle's first trip aboard the 2000, an arrangement that compensates for our different levels of experience.
This week has started fast and furious at work - we're really earning our wages now.

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