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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
I've never been to the Ann Arbor Art Fairs before, but if Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm calls it "the largest and most respected outdoor art event in the nation" it must be good. The Detroit Free Press has pegged crowd estimates at the 500k level - basically four consecutive home football games' worth of attendees. Jenelle is coming down tonight and we're going to take in the festivities, but the whole thing seems so overwhelming I'm not sure how successful we'll be at it.
In all of the excitement over various things going on here and a general lack of enthusiasm for the whole situation, it occured to me while I was in the pool last night (??) that I never bloggered about the return of the NHL. I'm a pretty big hockey fan and a pretty big proponent of capitalism, but when the two came together this year it was ugly. "U-G-G-L-Y, you don't need no alibi! You Ugly! You Ugly!" Now that it is back, Detroit has changed coaches (in two sports, but that is a story for another time) and I'm ready to watch the highest-speed team sport. But while I watch this season, and probably for a year or two to come, I'm going to have a bitter taste in my mouth knowing that those who make up the sport hung me out to dry so that they could squabble over my entertainment dollars. I think the fans should strike - not for a season, but for a day. Split that revenue, you spoiled egomaniacs.

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