b 4.0
Thursday, July 28, 2005
I'm opening up to the fact that I may never get ahead. Call it the snowball effect, drinking from a firehose, whatever you like. There's only so many time units available and there seems to be an ever-expanding pile of detritus to fill them. Like I saw in a science class video back in Mrs. Knoch's class: "The universe is a loaf of raisin bread - it expands and the raisins move farther apart." Translation is that my raisin bread is growing and I can't get my raisins together. Last night was good though; got M-Trek travel squared and worked on my lingering GSRA report and spec'd out more MBA & TMI academic stuff. Today I've kicked some emails, taken a couple of mandatory surveys, worked all day, and even spoken with Robin. All in a day's...whatever.

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