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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
BrownCow started its life as one of the myriad "of the Week" sites pushing the most current fad or the most popular cultural development. Virtually everybody was purveying Top Ten lists or "Best of the Web" suggestions, and I miss it.

Top Ten Things That Interfere with my Fourth of July
10) Laundring your best summer clothes.
9) Campers on the road.
8) People from Indiana.
7) Ice cream being so melty.
6) Brat cooking sticks burning and falling into the fire with my dinner still attached even though I really was watching it heat up and trying to be careful not to let it burn up and fall into the ashes.
5) Deer standing in the tall grass by the side of the road.
4) The tall grass by the side of the road.
3) Not enough fireworks.
2) Supreme Court Justices waiting until the day before the holiday to resign.
1) The 5th of July.

There you have it! It's a throwback edition of BrownCow.
In all truthfulness, quite a good holiday weekend up north. We didn't see any ships from the bridge and it was too windy to get to Rock Island or waterski very much, but we saw people and had good food and boated and golfed and just had a Fourth of July time of it.
Now I'm back at the 'U' and getting into my new job, which appears to be, essentially, going to six weeks of class and getting paid for it. Gravy?

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