b 4.0
Monday, July 25, 2005
Back at it on a Monday. Prof. Lamb treated this week's instructor and the assistants (Miltos and myself) to lunch at a local family eatery called Flim Flam. I had the club sandwich, it was good. Pickle spear on the side.

Made pad thai noodles on Sunday. For being a kitchen hack and trying this one for the first time it went pretty well. Also had beets and beet greens from the A2 farmers market. I had not had beets in some time.

It took around 3,000 miles, but the chain on the T2k gave up the ghost on Saturday with Jenelle aboard just outside of Dexter. Luckily it was 6.5 quick miles on the 800 back to the truck to complete a rescue. Then we chased the Re/Max hot air balloon for awhile in the James.

Business school matriculation is hard. I've spent a great deal of time over the past few weeks assembling checklists, coordinating software installs, and filling out forms. For MEng I just showed up, had a donut, smiled for a Polaroid snap, and dug in. This is a not-so-subliminal test of your b-school aptitude. Like the GMAT only with a #2 pencil.

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