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Monday, June 20, 2005
Well well well. Fluidity, liquidity, adaptability, flexibility are all admirable qualities for a blog, and I'm going to be using them today. I had a whole spiel prepared about teams and projects and keeping up appearances and writing down appointments, but then when the afternoon's debacle of a presentation had wound down I got a very laid-back email from Nicky-D of Webb days announcing his engagement to the lovely Miss Bonnie over the weekend. There was going to be a rant supreme about doing your duty to your team, or about making free throws, or about D-ing up on the inbounder, or about finding tires that work and making amends, but instead I've just got two pictures of happy (albeit partially rained-on) people, some of whom are wearing heavy heavy jewelry. Anyway, that put a smile on my face today and lifted my spirits on what might have been a pretty somber evening otherwise.

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