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Wednesday, June 22, 2005
Practically speaking, I finished my Masters of Engineering just now. Technically speaking, there is still a matter of three more credits to be taken this fall, but since I have to take them anyway for my MBA they don't count in my head. All the same, it's done for me. I thought I'd feel different. There's a post-NA579 team gathering at Dominic's that sounds pretty nice, so I'm going to do that and call it fanfare.
So now it's on to a week off and a trip south and a trip north. Call it summer, I guess, on the heels of yesterday's news. At any rate I am excited about heading back to Sarasota and seeing people and having a lovely road trip.
Robin (and fam) left for Chicago this morning, the first leg of a long trip for her. Seems odd that that is going on and I'm fairly removed from it, but I suppose she's a grown-up, too, and doesn't need anybody to monitor her.

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