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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
There's a trend sweeping boardrooms around the nation that is more exciting to the world at large than Sarbanes-Oxsley compliance: corporate blogs. Now a company can air its 'propoganda' on its own terms, virtually free of charge. And boy do people read; the track-back function and comment boards at one of the most notorious corporate blogs (Rob Lutz's fastlane.gmblogs.com) stretch the scroll bar to a sliver. I also like Randy Baseler's blog regarding his position at Boeing (Randy's Blog), and Boeing Commercial Aircraft just rolled out a blog to follow testing of the 777-200LR Worldliner. For those whose interest is piqued, check out this blog for a more authoritative, complete list.
Now it's lunchtime, or, if you happen to live at 110 N 3rd...time to go skiing. I think this whole Esky cam thing could get pretty depressing in the summer with all of the fun boating traffic taunting me.

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