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Thursday, May 19, 2005
Summer vacation rolls...ney toddles along. One meeting per week is more my style, but I've also gotten good work done on GSRA stuff. My accomplishment for today was learning RPN on my flashy new HP calculator which, for all the Webbies out there, signals the end of the supercomputer's domination of my life and issues in a brave new era of backwards, frontwards, and financial calculations. Apart from that, there was a trip to Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge for a pizza picnic lunch and some frisbee and a pleasant (if slightly cool) walk along the Ledges Trail that parallels the Grand River at the base of some rocky cliffs.
Back in the Fig building at Woodbridge Manor, we took in the Pistons' triumphant dismissal of the NBA's elder statesman and his Pacers, made banana bread, and potted a bevy of plants picked up at Horrock's in the late afternoon rain.

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