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Tuesday, May 24, 2005
Robin is in town today, so after fleeing the raucous Huron Towers fire alarm test to a meeting up at NAME, we met up and headed into town.
Our first order of business was that great sandwich shop on Detroit at Kingsley...Zingerman's delicatessen. We split a #57 Nic's Opportunity, featuring pepperoni, wonderful fresh mozzarella, an oven-dried tomato paste, and the greatest bread ever, with a killer cajun chicken pasta salad on the side. From there we kinda made the Ann Arbor / U of M loop to Ross, the Hatcher Grad Library, Bivouac, House of Flavors, Acme Mercantile, etc, etc, etc. Along the way we stumbled across Kilwin's and had (I swear this is true) a chocolate-covered marshmallow kebob.
Back at home, we put our heads together and came up with a website that she can use to update everybody who's interested in her Thai travels. Consider this a teaser; the unveiling is still a couple of days out and the URL will splash here first.

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